We did it! 2 x 3 weeks isolation study completed

After a preparation period that never seemed to end, and last-minute problems such as the network in the isolation lab not being ready in time, the end of our isolation study was almost anti-climactic. Almost everything worked fine, some minor issues to fix in the first week, but that was it. Well, apart from the power failure (twice!). And the main water supply failure in the second group. You wouldn't think these things could happen, but they do ;-) However, all that was successfully navigated by a great team, and now we have 20TB of data to analyze.

Better video support for ELAN based on VLCJ

At work, we use the multi-media annotation tool ELAN (from MPI Nijmegen) a lot, in support of human robot interaction studies. This tool works by displaying video recordings from experiments, and skipping around in them, to find the time-intervals where you want to annotate the data. Unfortunately, the standard Java support for Videos on Linux is not very good, and Oracle's Java Media Framework has not been updated in a while.

IROS 2012 shorts

IROS 2012 really had too many interesting things to get a write-up quickly, but just so I don't forget, here are a few short snippets on Flobi's new eye construction, emotion-generation, trash-collecting robots, eu and retf stuff.

variable frame-rate encoding in gstreamer

This is the description of something which I thought would be straightforward, but had to dig around on the internet and experiment long enough that it seemed worthwhile to write up: Encoding variable frame-rate video.

Variable frame-rates are apparently a pretty rare thing in video.

gedit 2.30 mit gnome 3 ppa

Das GNOME3-Team hat mit dem GNOME3-PPA schöne Arbeit gemacht, nur leider sind nicht da alle gedit-Plugins drin. Insbesondere das von mir viel verwendete gedit latex-plugin fehlt, und auch die Version im latex-plugin-SVN tuts nicht.